Spoon 2 Smooth

Spoon also known as Giovanni has been in the music scene since the age of 14 as a trombone/drummer player for the local church band, and apart of male gospel singing group. As a honored member of the “Young Believers” he toured for 3 years reaching all over the U.S. performing in states such as, Miami, Washington, North Carolina, California, Florida and more. After joining the military he continuing his tour with a 2 year relocation to Japan. There as a popular young MC/promoter in Okinawa, Japan, he established a tremendous amount of his international network of Indie artists/DJ/managers/photographers/ and Promoters. For the next 2 years he travel the Persian Gulf Mixing and Mastering his own tracks while maintaining a house/home studio, which serviced to mainly military men and women. parts Now at the age of 23 he is an Independent Artists/Audio Engineer/Entrepreneur and graduate of The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences.

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